Colors on your nails make them more appealing. It may not be everything, but it is something that can brighten up the day. Keeping your nails clean and polished makes your hand (not just your nails) feeling and looking great. It does not have any magic, but it does make a lot of difference. Try it once and feel the difference. If you are one who keeps your nails free from any color and just trim them down to look clean and nice, perhaps it is time to give your nails a dash of color. When you do, give Kiara Sky Gel Polish a try. It will make a whole lot of difference, not just on your nails but to your overall look.

kiarasky gel polish

Kiara Sky Gel Polish: A Brand For All Occasion

If you have been constantly changing the color on your nails, the brand would not be something new to you. Kiara Sky has been in households and salons for a few decades now. And one interesting nail polish line that they have is known as Kiara Sky gel polish. The brand also offers dip powder, and Kiara nail polish. All are noted to be high-quality nail polish formulations that serve different purposes for different users.

Of these types of nail polish, the gel nail polish is perfect for those who would like to wear beautiful nails that can last for as long as four weeks. It is a perfect nail coating for those who do a lot with their hands as these nail coatings are formulated to be chip-resistant. You can wear them for weeks and won’t see the polish lifting, breaking, or chipping. It also retains much of its luster and feel after a couple of weeks that you have your nails done.

You can choose from its wide variety of colors to complement your style or the occasion when you need to be wearing your nails gorgeous. The gel polish comes in eight different types: cream, glitter, holo, matte glitter, neon, pearl, sheer, and shimmer. There are also about 272 shades to choose from. Check out the lightest to the brightest, the toned down to the deepest of hues. You may also opt to choose from the various collections available: In the Nude, Road Trip, and Electro Pop, to name a few.

Try it; You will love it.

If you want to rock gorgeous nails that you can wear for weeks without breaking or chipping, Kiara Sky gel polish is one that you need to try.

This professional nail polish brand offers a two or three-step process in creating beautiful gel finish polished nails. It is a quick and easy nail coating to apply. It is also formulated to be free from harmful solvents, so it does not smell like those regular lacquers that are usually applied by nail technicians whenever you have your nails done in a salon. When applied on the nails, the polish won’t turn yellowish and won’t thicken inside its bottle over time. You can opt to buy regular or ombre gel colors that won’t shrink or leave bubbles when applied on the nails.

Applying Kiara Sky Gel Polish on the Nails

Kiara Sky color base comes with the color mixed into the base in one bottle. You may still use a separate base coat, however. The top coat is required, nonetheless.

Before applying the gel polish, you need to make sure that you have a clean surface to start with.If you want to rock gorgeous nails that you can wear for weeks without breaking or chipping, Kiara Sky gel polish is one that you need to try. You need to cure the nails for about 30 seconds under a UV or LED lamp. If you feel you need a richer color on your nails, apply a second coating of the gel polish, then cure for another 30 seconds. Finish off with a thin layer of Kiara Sky High Gloss Top Coat then cure for a few more seconds. When done, use a lint-free nail wipe soaked in gel cleanser to wipe off any excess polish on the sides of your nails.

Removing Old Polish Off Your Nails

Gel polish by Kiara Sky can easily be taken off by buffing and filing the nails before soaking them with a foil wrap for about 10-15 minutes.

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