Oh, for the love of nails! Most women will do just about anything to have what they want. Beautiful nails are definitely one of them. Hours of waiting to have the nails done is not a question. There will always be ways. In fact, there are women who would even opt for a home service just so that they can have their manicure and pedicure done the way they wanted and when they want them done. Those who would rather save some bucks will even find ways to turn their hubby into a source of a side income. To have that perfect finish whichever way you would want to have your nails done, you can opt for an OPI dipping powder to provide the perfect finish for your nails.

Opi Is for Every Type of Nail

Rounded nails, oval nails, square nails, name it and OPI will paint them all bright and right. You can have color-coated nails that are not only pleasing to the sight but also friendly to your purse. You see, OPI offers a different kind of nail coating experience with its dipping powder system. OPI Nails Supply offers not just one but several color options, so you can enjoy any shade whenever you find one fitting to be painted on your claws.

The nail dipping system is not a new nail coating option. It has been around for some time and has been a favored coating option by many women. With a brand that has more than a decade of experience making beautiful nails, you will always feel assured that you will be giving your fingertips one of the best that they can have.

OPI Dipping Powder

With a dipping powder, you can have stunning nails in no time. What makes it a lot interesting than acrylics or any other regular nail coatings is that it lasts longer than these nail polish options. Not only will you be able to keep your polished nails for weeks (some say you can have nails done with OPI dipping powder for up to eight weeks.), you are also assured that your nails will grow stronger with each application of the product on your fingernails. Nails that are coated with a dipping powder as that of OPU are also scratch-proof– no chips, no lifting, no breaking. All you will see are beautiful nails that you can wear without fading or ruining the looks of your nails.

The OPI Dip System

This dipping powder system by OPI works just like any other nail dipping system. You’ll need a base coat and a sealant to act as the base and the top coat respectively. Beautiful nails are definitely one of them.

Using this nail coating system takes lesser time than using a gel polish, since you won’t need to use a UV lamp to cure the coated nails. Once the sealant is applied on the nails, you will see your nails sparkling as the molecules of the sealant, the dip powder, and the base coat are fused together and transforms the combination of the three into a hard coating for your dainty nails.

Of the available dipping powder in the market today, OPI is one which is user-friendly, quick-drying, does not smell, and is long-lasting. Each application of this dip system leaves a gel-like finish that can be worn for several weeks and stay glossy and true to its color.

Interesting Shades You Can Try

Are you new to the OPI dip powder system? This brand offers more about a hundred shades through its Powder Perfection Line. You can opt to have a lighter shade on your nails, like Mod About You, Do you Take Away the Lei?Tiramisu for Two, Chiffon My Mind, Lisbon Wants Moor OPI, and more. If you would rather have the brighter colors, perhaps one of these charming shades will just fit your mood: Sun Sea and Sand in my Pants, Color So Hot it Berns, O Suzi Mio, Live Love Carnival, and many more.

There’s a wide range of shade that you literally can have a different shade each week of the month. After all, OPI’s dip powder is formulated with healthy ingredients, so your nails will grow longer and stronger with each application.

Why not give it a try today?