While the OPI gel color set offers an exciting range of gel nail polish, there is no better thrill than mixing two colors to create a unique shade. However, suppose you feel that mixing two gel colors is not possible. In that case, you can be surprised because it is possible to create exciting new color combinations by combining two compatible colors.

Mixing Two Gel Polish Colors

Mix Two Colors

Mixing gel polish colors is exciting, but you should follow a set procedure.

Select your combinations well

The most important aspect of color mixing is selecting the right colors. Secondly, it is always advisable to have the same polish brand. For example, you can buy OPI gel polish in various colors for your mixing experiments.

For example, a red and blue combo results in a purple finish. Dark orange mixed with yellow gives a hot orange hue, whereas combining yellow and blue gives a greenish tint. You can also mix white with any dark color to get a lighter shade.

Choose the mixing surface

Plastic is the ideal material for your mixing surface. However, you can also use paper plates, tin foils, or wax paper sheets. However, never use Styrofoam because the nail polish can punch holes into the foam layer and destroy it.

The mixing process

Choose your color from the OPI gel color set, open the bottle, and dab a drop of polish on the plastic palette. Repeat the procedure around ten times to get a sufficient quantity of a particular color. Next, open the second bottle and follow the same process. If you are unsure of the combination, you can try a couple of drops of each coloring.

Use a clean toothpick to drag the colors together and mix them gradually. You can mix thoroughly or have a swirl, depending on your preferences. It is better to note the quantity of paint used to enable you to prepare the same shade again, if necessary.

Adjust the shades by adding either of the colors. For example, you add a lighter hue if you want a light shade. On the other hand, a couple of drops of the darker color can make the mixture darker. You can also add white or black polish to get the desired hue.

While it is a great idea to mix colors and experiment, you should finish the entire mixture created because it can be impossible to store the color mixture. At the same time, you should have sufficient paint for the whole of the manicure.

Clean the brush well after use

Remove the nail polish brush from the bottle and wipe it with a lint-free cloth or cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover solution. It ensures that the brush does not have any polish sticking to it. Repeat the process with both brushes.

You can proceed with painting your nails with mixed colors. First, however, you should have a sufficient mixture to paint all your fingernails.

Procedure for Painting Your Nails with the Color Mixture

Mix Two Colors

The method for painting your nails with mixed colors is the same as with a single shade. You can use a cotton ball or a sponge to apply the paint. Alternatively, the brush is also a good option. However, you should cure the polish under a UV lamp to get the best finish. The prepping process is the same, and so is the basecoat and topcoat application.

Now, if you want two different shades on your nails, the procedure is slightly different.

Painting your nails in multiple colors

The initial process of prepping the nails and applying the basecoat is the same. After applying the basecoat, you cure the layer under a UV lamp. Now, take a thin strip of cellophane tape and stick it across your fingers at the required angle. You can add more strips if necessary for a specific design.

Now, you can apply the gel polish from the OPI gel set over the entire nail. Remove the cello tape when the polish is still wet. If you cure the polish layer under the UV lamp, it will solidify.

If required, you can add polka dots to the nail polish after curing the paint under the UV lamp. If you try this experiment with wet nail paint, it could smudge around and leave your nails looking ugly.

Final Thoughts

Mixing nail polish colors is fun. Every woman should try it out at least once. You can refer to the OPI gel color set to get your combinations right. However, you should not mix two dark colors because the resultant mixture can be darker. When you buy OPI gel polish, you can order your combination and ensure you get the shade you want. Then, you can have your color combination and surprise your friends.