In times of the pandemic, people decide to have their gel manicures at home. Hence, it becomes essential to order your DND gel polish sets online. All you do is type out “DND nail polish near me” in the Google search box. You get an exciting range of options that allow you to find the ideal gel polish. The best aspect of ordering online is that you can compare the prices and get exciting discounts. Besides, you have the products delivered at your doorstep.

Know What Your Gel Polish Sets Contain

When ordering your gel polish sets online, it is always better to go for the best quality. DND gel polish sets qualify as high-quality equipment. Let us now explore your gel polish set and see what it contains.

Constituents of DND Gel Polish Sets

Generally, your gel polish sets should comprise the following materials.

Minimum of six gel polish colors

A good gel polish set like the DND gel polish set should contain at least six exciting colors, if not more. These colors provide you with different options to enhance your nail’s beauty quotient.

The advantage of buying a quality gel polish set is that it ensures you do not get cheap nail polish containing harmful ingredients, low smell, and non-toxic materials. Besides, it guarantees color quality to last for extended periods. A good gel polish set should have gel polish choices to last for a minimum of one year.

A word of advice – It is always better to have a couple of more bottles of your favorite color at the first instance because it helps you to maintain the color consistency if you need a touch-up at any time.

Nail Polish Removers

Your gel polish set should have quality nail polish removal solutions. Usually, gel nail polish removers contain acetone because it is the best ingredient for dissolving gel polish. While acetone can be harmful to your nails because of its dehydrating properties, you do not have many options. However, you can refer to our blog on acetone alternatives to remove gel nail polish to understand the removal process better.

Gel base and topcoat applications

No gel polish set is complete without the basecoat and topcoat applications. Purchasing quality products like DND gel polish set ensures that you get good and effective basecoat and topcoat applications.

A quality gel polish set will not contain basecoat and topcoats with harmful ingredients. If your order DND nail polish near me, we ensure to maintain the highest standards of quality and consistency.


The UV/LED lamp is an optional attachment to your gel polish sets. Generally, UV lamps are long-term investments because these equipment last long. Hence, you need not invest in these lamps every time you order your DND gel polish sets. However, if you are a first-timer, you should invariably purchase UV lamps for curing your gel polish layers.

Here are some optional accessories that are integral to your gel polish manicure.

Nail Cutters

Your nails require prepping before the manicure. Sterilized nail cutters are essential equipment for a nail manicure. They help you to cut and keep the nails in proper shape.

Nail Files

Your nails can develop pointed and sharp edges if you do not cut them properly. As a result, they can injure people and affect your gel polish manicure. Using a nail file during the prepping process allows you to blunt the edges and keep them smooth. Besides, nail files are also necessary during the nail polish removal process to scrape off the excess layers of nail polish and reduce acetone exposure to the maximum extent possible.

Nail Buffs

Nail buffs help prepare your nail surface before using the basecoat application. One should ensure that the basecoat sticks to the nail surface properly because the nail polish sticks to the basecoat application and not to the nail. It ensures that your nail polish does not lift and get damaged.

Cuticle Pushers

Your cuticles can come in the way of your nail manicures and damage it by causing lifting of the nail polish layer. Therefore, it becomes essential to push your cuticles into their grooves. The ideal equipment to do so is the orangewood cuticle pushers. They push the cuticles gently into their grooves without damaging them.

Miscellaneous Items

A good gel polish set should contain miscellaneous items like cotton balls and aluminum wraps. They are necessary to ensure easy removal of the gel layers by concentrating acetone exposure to the nail surface alone. In addition, it prevents your skin from dehydration.

Final Words

If you look for ‘DND nail polish near me,’ we ensure to deliver the best quality DND gel polish sets with all the ingredients listed above. As a result, you get quality products that ensure a perfect gel polish manicure that you can proudly display on your Instagram handles.