Beauty is always a matter that women concern about as always, to be more beautiful and attractive no matter where and at any time, the ladies can spend a large amount of money and too much time on beauty restoration. But they don’t know that you can become more atractive with beautiful hands, a hand is neatly trimmed, cared for and painted with nail art will give women more confidence in daily communication. Using gel nail polish to create brilliant, luxurious nail sets is a very popular trend in today’s society but you will have dangerous problems for your real nails and health if you don’t know how to choose the best and safest gel nail polish for you and your mother, your sisters and your customers, but subjectively use fake nail polish products or poor quality products that are widely sold on unreliable websites with very cheap prices. Because the nail market for gel nail polish products at this time is quite diverse. You need to know how to choose and bring the nails full of durable, beautiful and safe criteria for health. Gelixir gel nail polish is one of the nail gel polishes that meet the above conditions. Gelixir colors collection is not inferior to any nail polish brands in the USA, it has a variety of colors to cater to the preferences of customers from young to old.

The mistakes that many people make when doing nails

Common Mistakes in Doing Nails and the Way to Fix It

To have beautiful, durable gel nails that do not cause damage to your real nails after removing has never been easy. It needs to go through several steps. You need to pay attention and avoid the following mistakes in order to get the most beautiful and long – lasting nail set like a nail set, which is done at the nail salons.

Shake the nail polish bottle

Many people often have the habit of shaking the gel nail polish bottle before painting with the thought that shaking the gel nail polish bottle will make the gel in the bottle more even, but in fact, this is a mistake because shaking the gel nail polish bottle will make the polish in the bottle budding with air bubbles, making the gel not smooth when applied to the nail. Instead of shaking, rotate the gel nail polish bottle horizontally.

Dry the nails in cold water

Cold water only hardens the nails, not actually drying them. For gel nail polish, it is necessary to cure the nails under the LED or UV lamp for 60- 120 seconds for the nails to dry completely. You can’t use anything else to dry the gel nails and also, the gel nails cannot Air-dry like the nail sets that using regular nail polish.

Skip the paint step below the nail edges and tips

Covering the bottom of the nail and the tip of the nail will help your nails less peeling when you have to work, keeping the gel polish longer. But many people still forget this detail, if you don’t cover the tip of the nail and below the nail edges, your nails will peel off faster because there is no protective film that allows water to penetrate between the gel polish and your real nails.

Use low-quality gel nail polishes

Gel color nail polish, especially those of unknown origin, often contain a variety of chemicals and toxic substances recommended by the health ministry. If you regularly do your nails with gel nail polish and choose poor quality polish, your real nails will quickly become yellow, dark and weak.

Cut cuticle too close before manicure

The next mistake is that you often cut or ask the manicurist to cut the cuticle around the nail too closely leading to pain and even bleeding. And unknowingly, that is a favorable condition for bacteria to enter your wound while using gel nail polish can cause you to get an infection.

Finial thought

For the safety of you and your clients, you have to pay attention and avoid the following mistakes and we also recommend you to use a good gel nail polish like the Gelixir nail polish. It’s clearly sourced and free of harmful chemicals, ensuring the durability to give your nails a rest. Besides that, the Gelixir polish colors collection is available in 180 unique colors with the reasonable prices for you to freely choose, try and create according to your preferences.