Each of us, especially women, are obsessed with looking good, having smooth skin, and being given compliments regarding beauty and personality. As we age, many individuals start losing interest in keeping themselves well-groomed and radiant as they feel that most of their efforts go in vain. But the simple secret behind glowing and smooth skin is to exfoliate.

Dermatologists bet that exfoliation, the process of removing dead cells to rejuvenate the skin, is the best way to bring back lost glow, keep your pores unclogged, stay away from blemishes, and stop dullness. Exfoliating is integral for everyone, especially women above a certain age, to delay/prevent dry skin, wrinkles, and fine lines. So, how does regular exfoliation work for mature skin?

mature skin scrubs

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Exfoliation for Mature Skin Types

Women with mature skin feel afraid to exfoliate as they fear to ruin their skin even more, but when done correctly, it can lead to desired results. There are two primary exfoliation methods-mechanical and chemical-of which most experts prefer chemical exfoliation as it brings about better results with mature skin types. Retinol-based mature skin scrubs do wonders in helping the skin to produce collagen and work better against wrinkles and pigmentation.

Other recommended mature skin scrubs include those containing AHAs, rice bran, and rice extracts. Rice bran and rice extracts are best suggested for those with sensitive skin for better results. Exfoliation is indeed good, but overdoing it can land you in more trouble than before.

Neither Too Much nor Too Little: Do It Just Right!

If you have dry/sensitive skin, it is better to scrub it only once a week, while those with oily skin can do it 2-3 times a week. Doing more than what’s recommended can lead to disruptive results. You could end up with inflammation that could lead to rapid skin aging, dead cell production, and deprive the skin of natural oils.

It is also commonly observed that mature skin scrubs are expensive compared to others. Still, they are also rich in amino acids, enzymes (suitable for dry skin which is common among mature skin types), vitamins, and other nutrients that bring back lost glow to mature skin. Using the right skin scrubs that are specifically designed for mature skin types helps to sustain a spotless skin tone that’s hydrating too.

Fed up with Blackheads?

It’s only typical that we hear others advising us against eating fried items and calorie-rich foods not only for watching our weight but also to suffer less from headaches due to blackheads! These little black spots start appearing soon after puberty in most individuals owing mostly due to dirt, excess oil and other impurities that strongly cling on to your skin pores. While the entire face is not spared from them, it is mostly the area surrounding the nose that’s predominantly affected.

Too many blackheads too frequently on the nose ruins your beauty, and practically, you can’t eliminate them all forever in one shot.

Make Blackheads Crib with the Right Scrub

Soaps and face washes might not be of any use with blackheads mostly, and you might need the perfect blackhead scrub to get rid of the black bumps in your face. There is no shortage of blackhead scrubs in the market, which can aid in removing not only the blackheads but also contain ingredients such as salicylic acid that help in preventing the further eruption of these unwanted black spots.

While the problem of blackheads might be monumental to those having it, scientifically, they are pores that are clogged with dead skin and oxidized sebum. Blackhead scrubs cannot remove 100% dirt and dissolve oil in your pores, but a well-chosen scrub helps in removing most of the dirt and acne-causing bacteria keeping your face clean, sparkling and reinvigorated.

Don’t end up with irritations or redness in the skin by exfoliating it too much. The use of certain products and chemicals in them could be the cause behind such irritations too. Make sure to scrub your skin as this gives better results comparatively gently. Take better care of your pores with good-quality scrubs for any skin type and realize that your pores and skin convey their thanks by making your face bright and beautiful.