Tattoo designing is such a special and difficult skill to acquire. It is no less than performing a surgery. You need a lot of willpower to master this profession. Also, as the trends are changing, clients have new and unique demands. You have to be very observant about the things being practiced. Talking about the trends, things are drastically changing from designing techniques to selection of the ideal ink brand. As a beginner, you’ll face many hurdles in this field. But when we are here, you should just say goodbye to all your doubts. We compiled some suggestions that can be very helpful for you in the initial stages. Let’s have a look at these.

Tattoo Designing Made Easy for Beginners

How to prepare skin for tattoo designing

The very first step in the designing of a tattoo is getting your client ready. It is a very important thing and the whole procedure will depend on this.

First of all, have a look at the skin type of your client. Some people have extremely dry skin types. These react very quickly to the needling process and may show some signs of inflammation. In such cases, apply a good moisturiser first. This will make the spot soft and hydrated.

Similarly, if the skin is extremely oily, pat it dry using a towel.

Once you are done with this, choose a good numbing product to apply on the area. This is a very crucial step. It will allow you to do the inking comfortably. It will also give your client a pain free procedure. Once the numbing Is done, you can continue with the actual procedure.

Basic things you need to know about tattoo inks

Now let’s talk about tattoo inks. As clearly understood, without a tattoo ink you cannot design a tattoo. So, you should be most careful in it’s selection. Here are a few things you should always remember.

There are some types of inks which don’t go with all skin tones. So choose an ink according to the tone of your clients skin. Choose a tattoo ink for dark skin if your client has such skin tone. This will make your tattoo stand out and look attractive.

Always check the vibrance and brightness of the ink carefully. You can perform a few trials to check whether the color stays bright for longer or not. Before choosing a brand permanently, you should first check out it’s longevity by reading reviews and asking people who already use it.

Some inks are required to be mixed with solutions and some are available in prepared form. You can choose one according to your own ease.

Do not use inks that tend to fade out after some time. Consult fellow tattoo artists and look for what they use.

What experts suggest

When you are a beginner, seeking expert advice is always necessary and helpful. It lets you reconsider your choices and approaches.

Most experts go for the most well known brands that are compatible with all skin types and complexions. They keep a good stock of supplies so they can meet the requirements of any client.

They also practice every single trend and incorporate them in the demands of their customers.

One recommendation of every expert is to keep the safety of the client your top priority. This will enhance customer satisfaction and also boost your confidence.

Always go for skin friendly and natural origin products.


Concluding it all, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert. Your learning process should always be continued. Try out new things and with the passage of time, you’ll overcome all your weaknesses.