The traditional nail polishes do not last enough to help the 21-century woman fit into the rapidly changing world with several duties and busy schedules. The proliferation of research led to the discovery of a polish that fits into the modern world by not only lasting longer but also providing the most elegant and natural look on the users’ nails. Dip powder manicure is the most modern trend in nail manicures that is gradually taking the place of the previously adored acrylic nails. In some instances, acrylic nails cause damage to the nail beds and make the nails thin and unhealthy. After about two days of application, traditional nails begin to chip off, thus creating the need for reapplication, 2-3 times every week. After an expensive manicure, everyone expects to have perfectly looking nails with a professional finish. Still, the fresh manicure requires extreme care to deter the polish from cracking or chipping. Regrettably, the polish eventually chips or breaks after a few days, especially when one has to attend to some chores.

Nevertheless, with dip powder nails, it is different. Dip powder nails are the best option for busy ladies who still wish to have elegant and robust nails that last longer without compromising their busy schedules. EA bond is used in dip powder to create a strong cohesion between the base and topcoat. The nails are then dished into a seamlessly distinguished powder color to provide the smoothness and lushness yearned for. Besides, dip powder nails are more advantageous because they strengthen the nails with their dip texture and strong color complemented by a gleaming tough coat, giving the expected allure for 2-3 weeks after application, before they can succumb to chipping or cracking. Besides, sophisticated techniques are not required when applying dip powder nails. Thus, you can use them all by yourself in the house, the car, or office and realize impeccable results. However, when the nails begin to get damaged, a completely new treatment should be considered to avoid pain and nail damage.

Different types of dip powder nails have been tested and certified to provide perfect finishes. It is essential to note that you can use SNS dip powder nails at home to give your nails tips a natural pink finish that compliments a flawless French white appearance on the rest of the nail parts. Among the numerous brands of dip powder nails, OPI dipping powder and Lavis dip powder nails provide the most elegant results.

The LDS Dip Powder Nail System

There is an extensive range of LDS dip powder system colors that one can choose from, including the shiny and glittery colors known to provide nails with distinguished looks perfect for every party or outing. The LDS dip powder system is also professionally designed to satiate the lust of everyone yearning for LDS dip nails with a sturdy and gleaming yet natural French white or pink glamour. Due to the system’s easy application process, professional results are assured anywhere, anytime. Other colors, such as orange, brown, and red, exist. You can also choose the existing hip colors that, when applied, provide a perfect finish. Even so, there other essential items such as the sealer dry, base coat, top coat brush save LDS liquid, and an EA bond critical for achieving quality and proficient finish that can only be achieved in salons or professional nail parlors.

OPI Dip Powder System

Another excellent dip powder option for professionals is the OPI dip powder system.  It provides shiny and smooth dip colors that, when applied, give your nails a stylish look. OPI dip powder system has a wide range of colors, including French white, natural colors, and light pink. Also, there are deep and dark as well as glitter based colors that rock your general appearance. Apart from the dip powder, the system also offers complimentary items, including the brush, EA bond, base coat, and topcoat liquids.  These items help in the seamless application process to nurture the anticipated perfection.

Additionally, you may require a powder brush to cultivate an effortless application process and the best shape for your nails. The powder brush is used for sprinkling and dusting the excess powder left after dipping the nails in the powder. The process helps achieve a refined look. Acquiring all the essential products and accessories makes the application process easy.  All you need is the ability to correctly apply the dip powder on the nails as the manufacturer prescribes to achieve a glamorous and perfect finish that will deter the natural factors from chipping or damaging the coating for up to 3 weeks.

It is vital to understand that dip powder nails are just but improved acrylic manicures. Therefore, the finish is still susceptible to nail fungus. Also, those who are sensitive to acrylic gels should not use LDS dipping powder. It is also indispensable to know the proper methods of removing dip powder nails to avoid nail damage.