Getting yourself tanned never goes out of fashion. It is something that is cool in every month of the year and every season. A pale, rather dull and unattractive body is highly uplifted after getting bronzed. It gives you the best model-like look by enhancing the featurt of your body. You feel like you have applied makeup all over your body.

The Latest Trends in Tanning, Tips and Ideas

Trends and techniques in tanning have been changing every now and then. It is important to keep up with the latest trends to choose the best method for yourself. In this way you will benefit from the best benefits. Here, we’ll discuss the newest innovation in tanning and choose the best method for you to get tanned.

Why is airbrush tanning popular these days?

Airbrush tanning is very much popular these days. It is a process which is done by a tanning technician in a salon. A high quality airbrush tanning solution is used to coat your body. The airbrush technique gives more control on the amount of tan being applied on your skin and you can choose the pigment that suits best on your skin. This is the most familiar reason for the popularity of airbrush tanning.

Is spray tanning better than airbrush tanning?

Well spray tanning has its benefits and advantages, it is also one of the most commonly used techniques these days. Comparing the two, airbrush tanning is definitely better than spray tanning. Spray tanning results in a thicker coat of tan on your body and you have to wait till the tone of the tan becomes compatible with your particular skin tone. It sometimes also leaves an orange colored residue which takes much time to be removed. Whereas airbrush tanning is much more customizable and you can change the intensity of the tan as per your preferences.

Tips to get the perfect tan on your pale skin

Pale skin needs tan the most among all the skin types. Especially during winters, it becomes extra pale and you need to get it tanned to get that beautiful bronzed look. Here the question arises: how to tan for pale skin? There are a number of tanning options available these days. These include spray tanning, tanning lotions and airbrush tanning. Among these, airbrush tanning is the most convenient and easy to apply. Secondly, it gives you the desired tone of skin and you can customize the tone of the tan according to your preference. It will help you gain the perfect tan that you have always wanted. A lot of people have reported that airbrush tanning gives much better results for pale skin than other techniques.

After care for your tanned skin

Once you have done tanning, you need to take care of it so it won’t fade away sooner. Right after the tanning process, apply a moisturizer. It helps in taking the pigment to the deep layers and helps it develop quickly. Do not hop into the shower right after applying your tan. Wait for at least 24 hours before taking shower. Apply tanning oil on a daily basis to keep your tan bright and vibrant.


Tanning is important to uplift your pale and less prominent features. It also makes your makeup look more attractive and upto the mark. Due to a number of options available these days, it sometimes becomes difficult to choose the right method for you. Our guide will let you decide the best technique that is not only in trend but also effective enough to get the tan of your desires. Follow our suggested tips and enjoy beautiful , attractive skin.