Nail manicures have come a long way since the days of vegetable and organic colors used by ancient civilizations. Today, you have advanced nail polish techniques like gel and acrylic manicures. Besides, dip-powdered nails are also becoming popular over the last two decades. Hence, women have a surfeit of choices to make them look prettier than they are.

We shall now look at some of the plus and minus points of a perfect dip manicure. Before we start our discussion, we state that you should use the best quality products, like LDS dipping powder, etc.

Dip Powder manicure – It’s different

Dip powder manicure is different from gel manicures. In a gel manicure, you are exposed to UV rays for curing the gel polish. Now, everyone knows that UV rays are harmful to health. It does not matter how long your nails are exposed. The very fact that UV rays are used to cure your nails is a danger signal. Dip powder manicure does not need UV rays for curing. The topcoat dries within no time on exposure to air.

The Dip Powder Procedure – It’s exciting

The dipping powder manicure process uses pigmented powder of different colors. The process involves applying a basecoat followed by dipping your nails in the dipping powder bottle. The sealant coating is the next application that proceeds to seal the colors and give the manicure its glossy shine.

Dip Powder Manicure – The Precautions

Generally, nail technicians at the salon dip your nails directly into the container. It is an unsanitary procedure because you are not the first user of the powder. You will not be the last either. Dipping your nails into the powder is the easiest way of picking up the germs from the container. A better alternative would be to take out the required content into a separate bowl and use it for the dip powder manicure. You should dispose of the excess powder residue left in the bowl after the procedure under such circumstances. Therefore, it can increase the overall cost of a dip powder manicure. However, it is a safer method than dipping your nails into the bottle.

Dip Powder Nails – Can they be damaging?

Some people feel that dipping powder can damage the nails. However, studies have shown that dip powder is quite a safe procedure provided you maintain all the sanitary precautions.

Indeed, dip powder can temporarily damage the LDS dip nails, but your nail regains quickly. Dipping powder can also dehydrate the nails temporarily. You can take the necessary precautions to rehydrate the nails to maintain their health.

The best part of dipping powder nails is that it does not damage the nail roots as some other procedures can. Thus, the new nail will thrive.

Dip Powder Removal – Is it tedious?

After a dip powder manicure, your LDS dip powder color last for a minimum of three weeks. This longevity is one of the critical aspects of your dip powder procedure. It is the primary reason why many women prefer to have dip powder procedures compared to gel or acrylic nail polish.

Removing the dip powder is not much of a challenge. However, it is beneficial to approach a trained technician to remove dip powder polish. If you follow an incorrect procedure, you could end up damaging your nails.

Dip Powder Removal – The Procedure

We shall discuss the dip powder removal procedure in brief.

  • Use a good-quality nail buff to scrape away the dip powder sticking to your nails. You should remember to be gentle with the buff and not overdo it. It could end up chipping the nails.
  • Dip a cotton ball into the polish removing solution and place it over the nail. Acetone is a reputed nail polish remover. You can tie an aluminum foil over the cotton ball to keep it in place.
  • The dip powder will dissolve in acetone. However, it can take at least 20 to 30 minutes to do so. This procedure is essential to remove dip powder polish. Acetone has a reputation for being a dehydrating agent. Thus, your nails can lose valuable moisture.
  • Remove the wrap after 25 minutes to find that the polish has dissolved. You can tap off the excess polish from your nails.
  • As acetone can dehydrate your nails, you should take steps to rehydrate it. One way is to use medicinal oils to massage your nails back to health. Cuticle oil is also an excellent remedy.


You see that dip powder has various advantages like ease of application, glossy shine, long-lasting, and an exciting range of nail polish products to choose from, such as LDS dip powder.

It also has its minus points like loss of moisture during the removal procedure. One way of nursing the nails back to health is to have a gap between two successive manicures. Nature has its ways of balancing things.