DND nail polishes come in many different colors like lavender, pink, red, purple, black, etc.  They produce polishes in many colors to provide customers with the opportunity to experiment with new colors on their nails. DND makes polishes that do not chip off or fade after a short time. DND gel polishes have proven always to stay long enough before you change it. Their products are one of the products that have been certified to last up to 3 weeks on the finger without fading away.

Apart from gel nail polishes, DND also produces top-quality color swatches to give clear information about a particular polish shade.

DND also produces sets and collections from their company. Sets and collections are compilations of different nail care products like gel and lacquers. DND has a lot of amazing Collections. DND made these collections for different occasions and various weather conditions. They also made some other sets for holidays or beach vacations. They made these collections to make it easy for customers to make the best decisions in different situations. Some of the best DND nail polish bulk are in the list below. Read on!

DND 2020 Winter Collection Part 10

DND 2020 Winter Collection Part 10 is a beautiful collection of gels, and it is one of the best groups from the stables of DND. This collection is named the winter collection because it is made especially for the winter period. It is a classic collection that carries 20 DND gel and lacquers combinations. In this collection, they did not repeat any color, and it does not include color samples. They picked the colors especially to suit the winter period. And it is also an affordable collection.

DND DC Cat Eyes Collection

The Cat Eyes Collection is a collection that has attracted the interests of a lot of customers. As the name implies, it is a beautiful collection that offers sharp colors to beautify the nails. It is a classy gel polish that has good coverage. It lasts up to 3 weeks without chipping off or peeling. And it is also straightforward to remove within 10 minutes soak off. This collection carries 12 different unique colors. You use it for designs like Gem Cat Eye, Standard Cat Eye, and Holographic Cat Eye. It is a good DND polish bulk.

DND Creamy 2020 Collection Sets #5

This collection is super glossy and lasts for up to 3 weeks without chipping off, and you can remove it by soaking it off for 10 minutes. The Gel polish and the lacquer are matching. This collection carries 36 colors in 72 bottles. It also has one color swatch.

DND DC Mermaid Collection Set

This collection is classy and is made to give customers the mermaid feel. It carries 36 colors of gel polish with one free color swatch. You can apply it like a standard gel polish, but it is mixed with mirror dust powder from the company to give it a beautiful result. The colors are randomly selected, but it does not repeat any color.

DND DC Summer 2020 Collection Set

This collection is similar to the winter collection because it is for the summer period. It is another exciting collection to have because it lasts for up to 3 weeks and it is also easily removed with a 10 minutes soak off. It carries 36 beautiful and hot colors. And it is also a cheap collection.

DND Nail Swatch and Chill Holiday Trio Bundle

This collection is another one of the best collections from DND. It is a rare collection because of its quality. It is specially made for the holiday seasons like Xmas and so on. It is one of the cheapest groups from DND gel polish and lacquer.

DND The Naughty List – Holiday Trio Bundle

The naughty list is another holiday collection specially curated for Xmas. It is to make Xmas a fun and playful holiday. It is made only for the Xmas period, so it is not a popular collection. It is a useful collection that would last you through Xmas and beyond. It is also easily removed with a 10 minutes soak-off.

Some other DND polish bulk are:

Aurora of my dreams – Holiday trio bundle.

Welcome to the dark ride – Holiday trio bundle.

Grinch don’t kill my shine – Holiday trio bundle.

All I do is sleigh sleigh sleigh – Holiday trio bundle.


DND still makes several other collections, but the list above is the best and most popular DND nail polish collections. DND has specially compiled collections for virtually all seasons. You should get one of these collections for your beautiful nails to look radiant and glamorous. Try it out today!