Acne prone skin is the hardest and most complicated skin type to handle. It is because it has a number of etiologies and sometimes it becomes very hard to track the cause of breakout and treat it.

Makeup Routine for Acne Prone Skin

Acne prone skin becomes very sensitive and gets triggered by the slightest change in the natural balance of the body. For example, a simple makeup product can cause the pimples to erupt suddenly and spread all over your face. Commonly acne is caused by bacterial infections and it is best treated with products containing salicylic acid. Nowadays many makeup products have been made inclusive by adding acne treating ingredients in them so people with acne prone skin can also enjoy the best possible glamourous look. This article will focus on the requirements and problems faced by acne prone skin and the kind of makeup routine you need to adopt in order to keep your skin protected as well as beautiful.

Ideal makeup routine for acne prone skin

While applying makeup on acne prone skin, few things should be kept in mind. First of all, make sure that you have chosen products that meet the requirements of your skin type. The delicacy and sensitivity of acne prone skin makes it very specific and unique. Ordinary makeup items might not work effectively for such skin and may even aggravate the existing situation. Coming towards the makeup routine, always take start with a good primer for acne prone skin. I have observed that salicylic acid is mostly incorporated in primers, foundations or face powders. So make sure you have read the specifications of the product before applying it on your face.

After applying a generous layer of primer, use a foundation that has properties of hiding acne breakouts and pimples. It should be non occlusive and should have such ideal coverage that it must blend in perfectly with your skin. A non comedogenic product is the best to go with acne prone skin.

Top up the foundation with a face powder for acne prone skin. It would be perfect if your makeup not only matches your skin tone and hides all the acne spots but also treats your acne.

Go for a soft layer of highlighter and blush on and try to keep the look as soft and subtle as possible. The lesser is the amount of makeup applied, the more safe your skin is from reactions and side effects of products.

What makeup artists suggest about acne prone skin?

We interviewed a number of makeup artists and asked for their suggestions and considerations about makeup on acne prone skin. Most of the makeup experts consider doing soft and subtle yet full coverage makeup on the acne prone skin. They would always go for lighter tones and fewer layers so a minimum amount of makeup gets settled in the open pores of the skin. Some makeup artists prefer products that cause a refreshing and soothing effect on the skin and absorb excessive sebum which is an important factor in the causing of acne. Sometimes any product can cause sudden irritation and sensitivity on the acne scars so all makeup experts suggest to do a patch test first before applying the actual layers of makeup. This could allow you to have an idea if your skin is allergic to any component.


Acne prone skin can also be glammed up perfectly if you take its proper care and consider it’s requirements in your mind. Your dream of getting the best makeup look is just a few strokes away. Follow all the directions correctly to get the perfect makeup look.