The Amazing Collections of DND Polish 

DND nail polishes come in many different colors like lavender, pink, red, purple, black, etc.  They produce polishes in many colors to provide customers with the opportunity to experiment with new colors on their nails. DND makes polishes that do not chip off or fade after a short time. DND gel polishes have proven always to stay long enough before you change it. Their products are one of the products that have been certified to last up to 3 weeks on the finger without fading away.

Apart from gel nail polishes, DND also produces top-quality color swatches to give clear information about a particular polish shade.

DND also produces sets and collections from their company. Sets and collections are compilations of different nail care products like gel and lacquers. DND has a lot of amazing Collections. DND made these collections for different occasions and various weather conditions. They also made some other sets for holidays or beach vacations. They made these collections to make it easy for customers to make the best decisions in different situations. Some of the best DND nail polish bulk are in the list below. Read on!

DND 2020 Winter Collection Part 10

DND 2020 Winter Collection Part 10 is a beautiful collection of gels, and it is one of the best groups from the stables of DND. This collection is named the winter collection because it is made especially for the winter period. It is a classic collection that carries 20 DND gel and lacquers combinations. In this collection, they did not repeat any color, and it does not include color samples. They picked the colors especially to suit the winter period. And it is also an affordable collection. (more…)

Makeup Routine for Acne Prone Skin: Inspiration & Advice

Acne prone skin is the hardest and most complicated skin type to handle. It is because it has a number of etiologies and sometimes it becomes very hard to track the cause of breakout and treat it.

Makeup Routine for Acne Prone Skin

Acne prone skin becomes very sensitive and gets triggered by the slightest change in the natural balance of the body. For example, a simple makeup product can cause the pimples to erupt suddenly and spread all over your face. Commonly acne is caused by bacterial infections and it is best treated with products containing salicylic acid. Nowadays many makeup products have been made inclusive by adding acne treating ingredients in them so people with acne prone skin can also enjoy the best possible glamourous look. This article will focus on the requirements and problems faced by acne prone skin and the kind of makeup routine you need to adopt in order to keep your skin protected as well as beautiful.

Ideal makeup routine for acne prone skin

While applying makeup on acne prone skin, few things should be kept in mind. First of all, make sure that you have chosen products that meet the requirements of your skin type. The delicacy and sensitivity of acne prone skin makes it very specific and unique. Ordinary makeup items might not work effectively for such skin and may even aggravate the existing situation. Coming towards the makeup routine, always take start with a good primer for acne prone skin. I have observed that salicylic acid is mostly incorporated in primers, foundations or face powders. So make sure you have read the specifications of the product before applying it on your face. (more…)

Top 6 Best Skincare for Young Skin – Every Woman Should Use Before She Turns 30

Skin care should be started as soon as possible instead of waiting for a skin condition to develop. Skin requires a lot of care and there should be enough nutrients always present in the skin to make it nourished and healthy. Before the age of 30, if your skin has received ample amount of nourishment, it would not develop any wrinkles and fine lines which are very common in growing age. Especially after your 30s, skin becomes easily irritated and scars and blemishes begin to appear. To tackle this situation, try out the following products and make them part of your regular skin care routine.

REN Clean Skincare Keep Young & Beautiful Firming & Smoothing Serum

Amazon best-selling product B004GLY6FO

The REN firming and smoothing serum is made especially for hydrating your skin. It keeps your facial muscles rich in moisturizing agents so they look fresh and free from wrinkles. The light weight product absorbs quickly into the skin and provides ingredients to all the skin layers, making it firm and poreless.

ProactivMD Balancing Toner for Acne Prone Skin

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It is important to keep your skin free from trapped impurities and what is better than using a good skin toner. There isn’t any need to look for the best Korean toner for acne prone skin anymore because we have brought you the one you have been wanting. This toner extracts out debris from the deepest skin layers and helps prevent breakouts which quickly occur if your skin is not clean. It also closes open pores and makes skin clear. (more…)

LDS Dipping Powder – Know the Pros and Cons to Get a Perfect Dip Powder Manicure

Nail manicures have come a long way since the days of vegetable and organic colors used by ancient civilizations. Today, you have advanced nail polish techniques like gel and acrylic manicures. Besides, dip-powdered nails are also becoming popular over the last two decades. Hence, women have a surfeit of choices to make them look prettier than they are.

We shall now look at some of the plus and minus points of a perfect dip manicure. Before we start our discussion, we state that you should use the best quality products, like LDS dipping powder, etc.

Dip Powder manicure – It’s different

Dip powder manicure is different from gel manicures. In a gel manicure, you are exposed to UV rays for curing the gel polish. Now, everyone knows that UV rays are harmful to health. It does not matter how long your nails are exposed. The very fact that UV rays are used to cure your nails is a danger signal. Dip powder manicure does not need UV rays for curing. The topcoat dries within no time on exposure to air. (more…)

Don’t Shy Away from Protecting Your Skin

Each of us, especially women, are obsessed with looking good, having smooth skin, and being given compliments regarding beauty and personality. As we age, many individuals start losing interest in keeping themselves well-groomed and radiant as they feel that most of their efforts go in vain. But the simple secret behind glowing and smooth skin is to exfoliate.

Dermatologists bet that exfoliation, the process of removing dead cells to rejuvenate the skin, is the best way to bring back lost glow, keep your pores unclogged, stay away from blemishes, and stop dullness. Exfoliating is integral for everyone, especially women above a certain age, to delay/prevent dry skin, wrinkles, and fine lines. So, how does regular exfoliation work for mature skin?

mature skin scrubs


Exfoliation for Mature Skin Types

Women with mature skin feel afraid to exfoliate as they fear to ruin their skin even more, but when done correctly, it can lead to desired results. There are two primary exfoliation methods-mechanical and chemical-of which most experts prefer chemical exfoliation as it brings about better results with mature skin types. Retinol-based mature skin scrubs do wonders in helping the skin to produce collagen and work better against wrinkles and pigmentation.

Other recommended mature skin scrubs include those containing AHAs, rice bran, and rice extracts. Rice bran and rice extracts are best suggested for those with sensitive skin for better results. Exfoliation is indeed good, but overdoing it can land you in more trouble than before. (more…)

Advantages of Dip Powder Nails over Acrylic Nails

The traditional nail polishes do not last enough to help the 21-century woman fit into the rapidly changing world with several duties and busy schedules. The proliferation of research led to the discovery of a polish that fits into the modern world by not only lasting longer but also providing the most elegant and natural look on the users’ nails. Dip powder manicure is the most modern trend in nail manicures that is gradually taking the place of the previously adored acrylic nails. In some instances, acrylic nails cause damage to the nail beds and make the nails thin and unhealthy. After about two days of application, traditional nails begin to chip off, thus creating the need for reapplication, 2-3 times every week. After an expensive manicure, everyone expects to have perfectly looking nails with a professional finish. Still, the fresh manicure requires extreme care to deter the polish from cracking or chipping. Regrettably, the polish eventually chips or breaks after a few days, especially when one has to attend to some chores.

Nevertheless, with dip powder nails, it is different. Dip powder nails are the best option for busy ladies who still wish to have elegant and robust nails that last longer without compromising their busy schedules. EA bond is used in dip powder to create a strong cohesion between the base and topcoat. The nails are then dished into a seamlessly distinguished powder color to provide the smoothness and lushness yearned for. Besides, dip powder nails are more advantageous because they strengthen the nails with their dip texture and strong color complemented by a gleaming tough coat, giving the expected allure for 2-3 weeks after application, before they can succumb to chipping or cracking. Besides, sophisticated techniques are not required when applying dip powder nails. Thus, you can use them all by yourself in the house, the car, or office and realize impeccable results. However, when the nails begin to get damaged, a completely new treatment should be considered to avoid pain and nail damage.

Different types of dip powder nails have been tested and certified to provide perfect finishes. It is essential to note that you can use SNS dip powder nails at home to give your nails tips a natural pink finish that compliments a flawless French white appearance on the rest of the nail parts. Among the numerous brands of dip powder nails, OPI dipping powder and Lavis dip powder nails provide the most elegant results. (more…)

Kiara Sky Gel Polish: A Brand For All Occasion

Colors on your nails make them more appealing. It may not be everything, but it is something that can brighten up the day. Keeping your nails clean and polished makes your hand (not just your nails) feeling and looking great. It does not have any magic, but it does make a lot of difference. Try it once and feel the difference. If you are one who keeps your nails free from any color and just trim them down to look clean and nice, perhaps it is time to give your nails a dash of color. When you do, give Kiara Sky Gel Polish a try. It will make a whole lot of difference, not just on your nails but to your overall look.

kiarasky gel polish

Kiara Sky Gel Polish: A Brand For All Occasion

If you have been constantly changing the color on your nails, the brand would not be something new to you. Kiara Sky has been in households and salons for a few decades now. And one interesting nail polish line that they have is known as Kiara Sky gel polish. The brand also offers dip powder, and Kiara nail polish. All are noted to be high-quality nail polish formulations that serve different purposes for different users.

Of these types of nail polish, the gel nail polish is perfect for those who would like to wear beautiful nails that can last for as long as four weeks. It is a perfect nail coating for those who do a lot with their hands as these nail coatings are formulated to be chip-resistant. You can wear them for weeks and won’t see the polish lifting, breaking, or chipping. It also retains much of its luster and feel after a couple of weeks that you have your nails done.

You can choose from its wide variety of colors to complement your style or the occasion when you need to be wearing your nails gorgeous. The gel polish comes in eight different types: cream, glitter, holo, matte glitter, neon, pearl, sheer, and shimmer. There are also about 272 shades to choose from. Check out the lightest to the brightest, the toned down to the deepest of hues. You may also opt to choose from the various collections available: In the Nude, Road Trip, and Electro Pop, to name a few. (more…)

Opi Dipping Powder: Perfect Finish for Your Nails

Oh, for the love of nails! Most women will do just about anything to have what they want. Beautiful nails are definitely one of them. Hours of waiting to have the nails done is not a question. There will always be ways. In fact, there are women who would even opt for a home service just so that they can have their manicure and pedicure done the way they wanted and when they want them done. Those who would rather save some bucks will even find ways to turn their hubby into a source of a side income. To have that perfect finish whichever way you would want to have your nails done, you can opt for an OPI dipping powder to provide the perfect finish for your nails.

Opi Is for Every Type of Nail

Rounded nails, oval nails, square nails, name it and OPI will paint them all bright and right. You can have color-coated nails that are not only pleasing to the sight but also friendly to your purse. You see, OPI offers a different kind of nail coating experience with its dipping powder system. OPI Nails Supply offers not just one but several color options, so you can enjoy any shade whenever you find one fitting to be painted on your claws.

The nail dipping system is not a new nail coating option. It has been around for some time and has been a favored coating option by many women. With a brand that has more than a decade of experience making beautiful nails, you will always feel assured that you will be giving your fingertips one of the best that they can have. (more…)