Tired... Self Care practices to help you find the will to press on when you're tired

Anybody else feel like they're so tired they could trademark the word "Tired?" I do! 

For all of us striving to "Live our best lives," life can be so tough sometimes. When YOU ARE striving; trying to make a difference be it big or small; let's be honest- it's exhausting. Maybe I have a lot on my plate, I am a wife, mother of two, and full time entrepreneur. Even so, there's just so much going on in our lives from family to friends it would seem there's just NOT enough time! We find ourselves, just hanging on by a thread fighting to just remember our goals, fight past the frustration, and make it to the finish line. 

Last night was one of those sleepless nights. I just tossed and turned all night, perpetually pondering whether I'll ever get through this season of life where I am constantly fighting just to stay positive, keep going and continue chasing my dreams.

Once I finally woke up and came to my senses I just accepted that, I was tired, I needed to recenter myself, remember why I started and just step back from all the things that make me feel so drained. 

 Self Care seems to be getting quite the buzz these days. I'm glad, because it is SO important. I mean really, how can you be effective to anyone else if you don't take the time to take care of yourSELF? Here are some basic self-care strategies I try my best to practice. They help me realign, recenter and give me just the recharge I need to keep going. 

1. Meditate (once a day): Before you get started on anything else, just sit with yourself. Clear your head, practice your breathwork. Express gratitude for another day, another opportunity, give thanks, let go of your plans, let go of your striving and speak positive affirmations over yourself and your day.

2. Get outside (once a day): Go for a walk in a park or some place with nice scenery and just take it all in! Don't think about work or responsibility and just rest. Sorry, walking to work doesn't count.

3. Exercise (try to, once a day): You don't have to leave your guts on the field, light exercise is great. Switch it up so you don't get bored. Exercise actually gives you more energy the more you do it!

4. JUST DO NOTHING(Once a week for one day/week): I know it sounds scary and yes time is of the essence, but all the projects you're working on will still be there tomorrow. You NEED physical and emotional rest. 

5. Do something you love (once a week): I like to craft so for me this would include making or crafting- ANYTHING.

6. Do something that relaxes you (once a week): Spa treatment is amazing for self care, go to the spa, get a massage, get a pedicure. Or, if you're ballin on a budget just take a bubble bath and do a mask until your fingers get wrinkly. Enjoy yourself.

You work hard and you deserve care. 

I hope this helps

<3 Taylar


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