Ballin' on a Budget? Beginners Guide to Bargain Shopping!

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So I know this post is a little late and comes post Black Friday/Cyber Monday madness- However, I noticed that there is a true art to bargain shopping, while doing my own personal shopping this past weekend. 

For the longest time I was of the mind that the only way to get a bargain was to go to a discount store.. NOT TRUE. Name brand stores such as Target, Nordstroms, Macy's, Old Navy, Banana Republic and the like all have sales, they all have mark downs, and we can all rock their products for little to nothing. Think I'm kidding??

Old Navy Sale

Just the other day I found a onesie for my daughter for (get this) $2.98- this was a brand new item (WITH TAGS) and it was not from a thrift or vintage store. You know I am all about sharing the wealth, SO I have outlined a few simple tips on maximizing your money, saving a buck and still getting those products that you need (want) without breaking the bank.

Go Shopping

1. Don't be afraid of the hunt!

Good deals, don't come easy and they are not in your face. Let's be honest companies don't want to give away products dirt cheap because it hurts their chance at capitalizing on you. So if you want to be in this saving money game, you have to exercise a little patience, be strategic and LOOK for the steals. 

2. Shop the Sale section FIRST! 

Before you look at any other products in store or online, head to the clearance rack baby! Often times by the time you end up paying for a product on sale/clearance it has been marked down so many times, you end up paying up to 75% off. That's a steal right?

3. Don't be afraid to bargain!

If you find something you really like and there's a button missing, stitch loose, etc. don't be afraid to ask the cashier or manager to mark the product down AGAIN. Oh, and if you're in a place that accepts bargains- Jewelry store or high end shopping place, BARGAIN, if you don't that's just cray.

4. Take all the coupon's you can get!

A lot of online stores are now offering an email sign up discount. Give 'em your email and get the extra 10% off (you can always opt-out later). Plus it is worth staying on the email list if you do enjoy the company's products. You never know when they'll have a going out of business sale, 50% off sale, or my personal favorite FREE SHIPPING!  

5. If you shop there often, sign up for the store card!

Why not get the perks of the credit card AND build your financial future at the same time. For example, I am a Target person and I always shop there. No hate to Walmart or anything it's just a better experience for me personally. One day, I was there and the clerk asked if I wanted to sign up for the red card and get 5% off. She said I'd get 5% off today whether or not I qualify. So I said "hey, why not." I actually qualified, got the 5% off, free shipping on online orders, plus an extended return period. So now if we need anything that target sells, we put it on the red card and pay it off every month. What's this doing for me you ask? It saves me money and builds my credit. WIN-WIN. PSst. just don't forget to pay that card off honey.

Finding the best deal is all about keeping your eyes and ears out for the best deals, and being patient. It's okay to want the latest fashion but it isn't wise to pay full price for ANYTHING. Don't be the sucker. If you do like something and it isn't on sale yet, sign up for email alerts to be notified that a product has gone on sale. It's okay to wait, I know that's not so common in our generation but trust me it's worth it. However, you can thank me now. 

Keep calm and shop on Co. Co. Cuties!

<3 Taylar

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