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Today's tip Tuesday topic is all about bump style! Now that I am a Mama to be, I have been exposed to this baby/maternity world that is so overpriced and expensive. Lets face it, nobody wants to spend $45.00 on a blouse when it is only going to be worn for a few months.  Additionally, maternity clothing isn't just expensive, its not that stylish either! Put your funds to other use.. like designing the perfect nursery instead. 

 Follow these tips to save money on your maternity wardrobe:

 1. When you find out you're expecting don't run to the nearest maternity store right away. Most likely, you can fit your clothes until Month 5 or 6. I am going on 6 months and I can still fit most of my clothes.

2. When you realize you can not fit into your precious wardrobe any longer, pull out the leggings, maxi skirts, and maxi dresses in your closet. Leggings pair easily  with any blouse and (with a small heel or wedge) can still be dressed up.

3. Pull out all of your loose fitting blouses and wear them in rotation- (no one will notice trust me, they will however notice your growing bump and that's what they'll focus on)

4. Ask family and friends who have been pregnant in the past or lost weight recently to donate clothing they no longer wear. The more my bump grows the more family and friends actually offer their clothing and because it is not maternity clothing, a lot of it is actually very stylish.

5. If you MUST purchase new clothing (which may become a must, especially if you need office appropriate attire such as dress pants, suits or skirts)shop at discount stores like: Nordstrom's Rack, Ross, or T.J. Maxx. Shop the Women's section in these stores and go about 2 sizes up from your actual size. These sizes will more than likely fit perfectly. Shop second hand stores in order to eliminate spending loads of money. Lastly, Look for staples that will still work for your wardrobe long after you give birth (spandex/stretchy materials).

6. Create an account and add your email to Destination Maternity, Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby. When you register, most of these stores will give you access to a host of discounts at their stores that can be used for maternity clothing or for your little bundle of joy. They also provide you with plenty of samples and free gifts that will come in handy in preparation of your new gift.



My bump style above includes a StyleMint mesh top bought at local second hand store for $4.00 (not maternity), black cami underneath (spandex material) $3.99, XL stripe maxi skirt $10.00 from Marshall's (not maternity), and Forever 21 booties.

 If you're an expectant fashionista like me this transition and your growing body has probably been a rough transition. All hope isn't lost! Make sure you take care of yourself first, even if that means treating yourself to some new clothes, a make over, hair appointment or just giving yourself a home spa day. Dress up everyday and try to stay as fit as possible. Your little one will feel all the joy and relaxation you feel and he/she will be happy about it!


Have a great week Co. Co. Cuties!! Comment below for questions.

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