Hey #CocoCuties, time for the mid-week blog! Today's topic is perseverance. As the good book says, the race is not given to the swift or strong, but the one who endures to the end. Let's be honest, endurance is no easy thing; when the stresses of life are thrown at you, endurance is the last thing on your mind (I know). However, the key to true success is to keep going; remember why you started, and keep the end goal in mind.
-Never give up, Never surrender.
-Never say die.
Keep these quotes in the forefront of your mind the next time you're ready to give up on your goal. Be it tonight's workout, work, building/maintaining a website (eh hem-ME), or walking away from a dear loved one. Life is hard, and no matter what position you're in, in life you will (guaranteed) experience hard times. But if Don't stop, and just get it, get it, before you know it you'll have met your goal and look back at it like "I did that-Tamar Braxton." "Like it's hard," Elle Woods, Legally Blonde (my favorite movie).
Remember life is not about the destination, it's about the journey. Think of your experience as if it were an adventure. 
One word of caution however, before you take any plunge, be sure to count up the costs and consider ALL the possibilities (good and bad) and if you think it's worth it?...Do it and stick to it.
That's all!
-Thanks for shopping bye! 

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