The back story

Bel•a  /Bela/ (Adjective):
No•Elle /Noel/ (Noun):
Birth, Birthday

The Bela Noelle collective is an exclusive collection of curated vintage and hand-made: fashion, jewelry, art, and naturally made beauty products. 

BNC represents confidence and self expression! Our styles are so special because each is hand selected or hand crafted. Though we specialize in clothing from the past each style can be worked in with today's trends!

From avant-garde vintage to modern street style must-haves, we assist style seekers worldwide express their inner selves  by providing the most unique clothing, shoes and accessories. Making them feel both original & confident. BNC ladies and gents won't ever have to worry about style duplicates because everything is one-of-a-kind. One day it's here and the next day it's gone!

Through our lifestyle Blog we connect on a wide range of topics from product reviews, top places to explore, to our very own raw, personal, life experiences. Empowering our community live their lives, on their terms. Keeping  in mind: we're all in this together, it's ok to be you, feel amazing and be confident!

SIP. SHOP. EAT! at The Collective  Pop- UP Market, launched in April as a curated marketplace of independent local NYC vendors that roams throughout New York City popping up in all 5 Burroughs.  The marketplace connects local jewelry, fashion, home goods, artists, & lifestyle artisans  with local shoppers providing a one of a kind shopping & social experience- in celebration of food & style. 

A quick note about Our Vintage Quality:

Our curated vintage collection is hand selected and sourced from the most pristine vintage assortments nationwide. 

Only the highest quality vintage enters our inventory. Though many of the pieces featured in our collection are from the past, we ensure modern quality. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Rest assured that all vintage pieces are double and triple checked to ensure that seams are intact, buttons work and zippers function! Even the most delicate pieces are restored for full functionality (unless otherwise noted). Each vintage clothing item is professionally laundered. Please review our Vintage guide for quality details.

Creative Director:

Creative Director of the Bela Noelle Collective: Vintage and hand-made fashion

Taylar's love for art and fashion was almost innate. Since early childhood Taylar can recall enjoying playing dress up, admiring older women's clothing, and relishing the day that she'd be able to dress herself. In 2014 Taylar started her first online store, Consignment Couture also known as Co. Co. which was more of a project than a passion. However after some time  Taylar came to appreciate the true value and delicacy of life and the spirit. Taylar realized that Co.Co. although amazing, didn't express the love affair she'd had with fashion, arts, and spirituality. Thus, the inception of Bela Noelle was conceived. Bela Noelle represents the intersection of love, light, spirituality, fashion, art and jewelry. Bela Noelle is meant to evoke mindfulness of the very expression of One's identity to the World. Each design is mindfully crafted and driven to help re-align oneself within, while simultaneously alluring the admiration of all the beautiful beings we meet.