SO we all know how much I love painted nails right?! Seamlessly, I was thrilled when Sally Hensen debuted their coveted Miralcle Gel polish. I rushed out to my local CVS and purchased the perfect nude color: Crème de la Crème #430  then went on my way to do a lasting, beautiful, DIY, gel manicure (so I thought). Much to my dismay, the polish only stayed pretty for a mere two days. However I was determined that this polish would last, “up to 14 days,” so I simply tried the process again. The previous time I had only applied two coats of the polish and one coat of the top coat. The second time I did three coats of the polish and two coats of the top coat. Unfortunately, I only got a good 6 days of the polish. Pretty disappointing for a $8 polish right? In my opinion this gel polish works no miracles and isn’t worth the pretty penny. Stick to regular polish if you only want your manicure to last 6 days and get a real gel manicure if you’d like it to last any longer. Sorry Sally, back to the drawing board.

Fresh DIY Sally Hensen Miracle Gel manicure:
After about 6 days:

<3 Taylar

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