Hello #cococuties I haven't posted a lifestyle blog in a long time so it's safe to say that I am well over due. But today's post is about us (our purpose) in this infinite universe.
We all want success, right? Some of us are willing to work much harder than others to get that success and some of us kind of just let success come to us. Some of us don't feel the need to actively pursue success, and some of us hide from this pursuit due to fear of failure. But ultimately life really isn't about a collection of successes (or failures for that matter). It is really, about Jesus, about living for Him. I realized this, after coming to grips with all of the frustration I was experiencing during the pursuit of my success. I kept trying to do things in my own strength and trying to use God as some sort of genie to make the things I was hoping for a reality. Then by doing some research I found out, plain and simple; life just doesn't work that way. I feel obligated to share this and help end the feelings of stress and frustration we all experience during our own pursuit of various goals and "success."
First of all I want to highlight this scripture, that I have lived by since about 15, but just now fully understand:
I would quote this scripture all the time, and actually list out to God "what," I have done that requires that He "add," certain things to my life; not realizing that I was defeating myself and ultimately sabotaging my life and relationship with God. God is not a genie, He does not move on human's time, and His thoughts are so far off. We set ourselves up for "disappointment," by placing God on our schedule.
But before I get ahead of myself, in order to truly benefit from this post:
1. You must acknowledge that God, the Eternal, and Creator of the universe exist and is in control. Nehemiah 9:6
2. You must realize why we were created in the first place. Genesis 1:26
3. You must have accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior: Romans 10: 9-11
4. We must acknowledge that this life is not about us (true believers) but about what we have been charged with. Mathew 10: 5-8
Okay, now that we are on the same page we can move forward. We now know that God is in control, Jesus saved us, and we really should be living our lives for Him and to further His kingdom.
Now, many of us think we're already doing this. We think, I am "good," I don't lie, I have never killed any one, I say my prayers every night before bed, I go to church twice a week, AND I pay my tithes, oh and I work for the church so I do live for God and I do seek him first. While all of these things are GREAT, and they are a part of our pursuit (seeking of God) of the Kingdom- that is not it and that is not all. Trust me I was one of those, and I do work for my church; but that is not enough. I must say that throughout my time serving my local ministry I truly have been blessed and that is how I know, without shadow of doubt, that God is real but at times my motive was impure, especially when my petitions were based on what I did for Jesus.
I digress,  It is not enough to do a few things for God, we must truly live for Him; allow him to replace our own fleeting desires with His desires, which is the only way to true fulfillment and success. What does it even profit us to gain all the success (whatever that might mean for you) and go on to an after life of hell. To illustrate my point more clearly; Success for me (fleshly/where my thinking was before the Lord revealed this whole epiphany to me):
1. Becoming a full time entrepreneur
2. Grossing over $10,000.00/month
3. Traveling all the time
4. Living happily ever after with my Husband (no divorce)
5. Successful children
6. Being truly fulfilled with my career accomplishments
7. Being happy
Honestly, there is nothing wrong with these goals and I don't think that God even has a problem with these goals, in fact Jeremiah 29:11states plainly that God has plans that you become prosperous and successful. Furthermore, His word is full of promises that He will provide for you, and fulfill your dreams, and He makes the formulas for success quite easy AND He has given us so much power through His Holy Spirit to accomplish goals. But the problem is that We have made our goals mini-gods, and God (frankly) will have no other God before him. We idolize finances, cars, and homes so much that God has become somewhat of our side-piece and we visit with him only a few times a week and spend more time pursuing our goals, than the goals He has for us. We will do whatever, whenever, for "what," we want. Even down to selling our inheritance, (if it means having houses and cars and land)- and this is true for EVERY living soul. Sadly, if the right person came along at the right price we'd sell our soul and that just isn't a part of the plan (sorry). I've heard that even gospel artist have slept their way to the top; which simply makes NO sense, it totally goes against His plan and will, yet we do it all for that seven letter word. The funny thing is we still lose. We do things in our own strength and wind up SO frustrated that we are running so fast to stay in the same place, not realizing that only what we do for God will last. If God requests that we present our bodies as a living sacrifice why would He be pleased that we are sleeping our way to the top? (No boo boo..No. He is not pleased. And your poor temple will reap the consequences.)
The sad reality is We want the benefits without doing the job. None of us want to sit at His feet for Guidance, or Commit our ways to Him. Which in actually is his direct Word. And that is what we must do, we must truly rid ourselves of our own goals, our own will, our own plans, and our own self praise, because I hate to break it to you boo boo but even the success you have experienced, has been provided by the hand of God.  We must seek him, fervently, live for Him, work the works while it is day. AND yes, He may use you on your job, or during your degree program, or through your business, but what have you done for Him today? Did you even acknowledge Him? And if you didn't, it's not too late to seek Him now, and let Him know that it's not all about His hand and what He can do for you, but that you just want more of Him. Draw nigh unto Him and He will draw nigh unto you.
I hope this has helped you! Stay motivated :)
<3 Taylar

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