Summer is here! BBQ's, pool parties and laying out on the beach. Here in SoCal, we love to catch some rays and work on our bronze. Although, too much exposure to free radicals and UV rays can lead to skin problems down the road. Lots of water, sunscreen and vitamin C is vital.

I'll admit, I'm not always packing my SPF in my beach bag and water isn't always my go-to drink of choice. I did find one simple way to get myself and the family to drink more water- adding fresh fruit or fruit cubes to Mason Jars! The jars are anywhere between .99 and $3.00. I found the large ones at my local .99 mart. You can also try Michaels, Target or order our personalized monogrammed mason jar. Mason jars are a staple in my kitchen. We use them for coffee, juices, snacks, scrubs, gifts, cakes, etc.

How pretty are these? I find that the vibrancy makes water more apealing and antioxidants and vitamins detox you while you drink! 


Now that we're hydrated, here are 4 skin DIYs to share:

Most of you have these ingredients in your kitchen already. If not, I suggest you add them to your shopping list. Oatmeal, Honey, Coconut oil, brown sugar, bananas and strawberries. I prefer certified organic, but substitute to your liking. These 6 bad boys have magical healing powers that will do wonders for your skin, without having to pay lots of $$. 


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