So today I made my first inspiration board and I love it! I made it because everyday I start off my day by speaking positive confessions over my life. I include: mental, physical, spiritual, and business goals. However, even throughout the day it is easy to become discouraged, when you do not see the day going as planned. I always wish there was some sort of encouraging quote in front of me, ergo-quote board.

I had been wanting to do it for so long and I'm glad I finally have, it has already made my day! I encourage anyone with vision and A.D.D (just kidding) to create one.

Us entrepreneurs tend to become discouraged and having an inspiration board in a visible place can help re-focus and encourage you!

-Gather all of the quotes that spark your thoughts, motivate you and inspire you to keep going.

-make sure they're bright and color rich

-have fun with it.

-incorporate things that will make you laugh

-include pictures of things that make you feel happy and good, like beatiful flowers and your favorite colors. Including pictures of your family and friends might also be helpful.

-now paste the quotes and images in a collage of various sizes (I used a blank Word document)

-print each document out and use push pins or tape to post them to a  wall that you spend a considerable amount of time in front of (my cubicle wall).

-be inspired!

Happy inspo board!!!

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